The Christian News Network

An investigative news ministry that reports on miracles of Christ in an objective, informative and accurate manner. This entity is still under construction.

Our Christian world is full of news reports that tend to be driven by the sponsors of each report, or by parties that (because of their position) have difficulty maintaining a level of objectivity when it comes to the content of their reports. What has been needed for some time is a well supported, objective and regulated Christian News Corporation that parallels the power of CNN, but carries the objectivity and accuracy of true investigative reporting. What is needed is a spiritual news authority that people can implicitly trust.
It is the work of The Christian News Network to directly fulfill this calling and satisfy this great need.
Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit moves in great ways every day and reports of miracles are not uncommon, however those reports rarely have a way to make it to “Global Christian Awareness” without using general hearsay or verbal “chain communication”. It is our plan to change this by becoming a central (objective and accurate) Christian news authority for the entire world. When the ongoing work of The Christian News Network becomes complete, no one on earth should be able to say that God does not grant miracles or move in our world any more. TCNN will in turn lead to impacting hundreds of thousands of lives, and act as a strong witnessing tool for the body of Christ.

Strategic Plan:
  1. Found a web presence that draws for the audience looking for objective Christian reporting on current events and then utilize the site’s popularity to raise awareness of our mission and direction.
  2. Leverage the power of the above web presence to recruit reporters and other talented individuals that can fulfill the many needs of this ministry.
  3. Leverage the popularity of this web presence to begin to fund the next steps of TCNN
  4. Create a salary base for reporters of TCNN. Equip each reporter with the video and audio hardware required to enter the next stage of news reporting. While doing so, also put all management professionals in place, so that TCNN will experience a smooth formal launch.
  5. Formally launch The Christian News Network as a 24 hour news agency. Begin internet broadcasting news of Christian Miracles on our website and on UTube if needed.
  6. Continue to raise funds through networking with the church body, selling advertising and other services and / or partnering with Angel or Venture Captalists in order to take the next step of purchasing a broadcast facility and central location for TCNN
  7. Establish our new facility and grow to create an internationally acclaimed, top rated, Christian News Agency that the world can trust as their leading authority on Christian news and events.
  8. Preparing for reporting the news of Christ’s return.

  1. At present there is a starving need for qualified reporters that would "chase" strong stories accurately and objectively. We are looking for the next "Barbara Walters" of our world and seek to embrace them first before any other news entity can acquire such talent. If you know of anyone who is an established or aspiring reporter, please let us know.
  2. A small expense account is presently needing to be funded in order to facilitate the “chasing” of each story. Reporter’s phone bills and travel expenses should be covered by Holy Spirit News, until The Christian News Network is launched. If you desire to participate financially, please let us know. Also:
  3. Moderate amounts of funding are needed to purchase our first preliminary video recording and editing equipment. If you own video equipment that can be utilized for our first stages of preliminary reporting, please let us know. If you would like to donate funds for our infrastructure needs, please also let us know. At present these funds are coming directly from Spaulding Group, but added funds will prove to expedite our expansion process.
  4. Experienced news management professionals are needed to provide a firm foundation for the screening and reporting practises of the corporation. The same management talents will also act as the leaders of The Christian News Network after its launch. If you are aware of an individual that can fill this role, please let us know.
  5. Funding to create base salaries are needed or TCNN. Once base salaries are established, our employed reporters and management teams can devote 100% of their time, efforts and expertise to TCNN for News Reporting, promotions and awareness raising, independent networking, gaining independent profitability and other important steps for our success.

Please spread the word of our mission and direction, share financially if you feel a calling and most importantly help us recruit our first volunteer reporters so that we can take the next steps toward the completion of our ministry.

Through time TCNN can and will succeed with no outside funding streams; however, outside funding will play a pinnacle role in decreasing the amount of time it will take for TCNN to become an international news entity. For this reason we are open to different funding possibilities including Venture Capitol, independent offerings and other funding forms. TCNN will be a highly profitable entity as it grows, so the financially obligations of the firm will not be needed to be supported by offerings from the public and because of TCNN’s profitability, it will be relatively easy to secure the venture capitol amounts needed to succeed on the vast scale. What is needed most right now is a strong management and reporting team to make TCNN a reality in our world.
Thank you for reading, participating and following your call.