The Best of All Time - Internet Radio

A grassroots ministry dedicated to ministering to the unsaved world, by directly inserting Christian "witnessing" music into a "Best of All Time" secular music format, while also leading the changing trends in the radio industry by spearheading new technologies that are yet unseen to the business and radio world.

At The Best of All Time Radio, we have hand selected the best music of every music type (genre) and coupled it with the most cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology possible, to allow our listening audience a level of control and enjoyment that has been unseen in the radio industry. We are paving the way with new emerging technologies.
At present, The Best of All Time is in the midst of expanding its already extremely loyal listening audience through strategic promotion, as well as improving its high technology base. There are many great things to come in the near future for The Best of All Time Radio. A full description of The Best of All Time Technology, vision and mandates can be found on the website:

  1. To skilfully select and present music to the listener that feels like a “Best of All Time” experience rather than playing what would normally feel like a “standard” radio mix of music.
  2. while doing so, not limit the listener to any specific music genre or style, and allow a level of flexibility in radio control that has yet to be experienced in the radio industry.
  3. To create and manage new emerging technologies that delivers a level of flexibility and enjoyment that is not paralleled anywhere else in the World Wide Web.
    We have 80% completed this vision and will soon be implementing a layer of technology that will give The Best of All Time an unrivalled presence anywhere on the internet.
  4. to create an experience so profound, that a secular audience will be drawn by the thousands just for the format of the programming. (Through the development of our Artificial technology, this stage of the mission has already begun)
  5. To maintain at all times (even with harder core type music styles) a maximum of a PG13 rating when it comes to radio station content. In this way we succeed in creating a safe, uplifting and enjoyable environment for each and every listener. Parents will have no hesitation when their children listen to the uplifting content found on the Best of All Time Radio, knowing that even the “harder core” music has been filtered to be family safe. The Best of All Time Radio will not tolerate Anti-God, violent, or abusive in content in any way
  6. To minister to the lost by embedding 1 in 8 songs as “Christian Witnessing” song: Encouraging, convicting, uplifting and setting free all those that listen, while also
  7. Providing an outlet for Christians to listen to their favourite secular music without being bombarded with inappropriate content.
  8. To maintain the highest quality standards when it comes to Music Quality, Selection and General Experience. The Best of All Time Radio will remain to be unparalleled by any other radio media (online or offline) by providing uncompromised quality, control and song selection.
  9. While doing all of the above, create an avenue where indipendent artists can showcase their work and have visitors vote on and purchase their music.

  1. The final implementation of our “Second Generation” Artificial Intelligence technology. This new layer of AI will allow us to easily manage hundreds of thousands of songs in our radio archive while allowing listeners to choose to amalgamate any style of music by any “depth of play”. The “Depth of Play” approach to radio programming is relatively new to the radio industry and the full details are still being held confidential.
  2. Expansion of our Music Programming Department so that we can implement new “genre updates” quickly and effectively.
  3. Expansion of our Information Technology staffing so that we will be able to decrease turn around time on project upgrades.
  4. Obtain funding (either through profits or third parties) for the global expansion of The Best of All Time through all markets and all regions world wide. It is the aim to make The Best of All Time Radio a household name by 2010 or sooner.

  1. To fulfill our goals, the intellectual expansion of The Best of All Time is key. Promotions Talent, Radio Programming and IT talent are three key areas that are needed for our expansion.
  2. The hard costs of this ministry are presently offset by Spaulding Group. In short, Upon completion of our next implementation, The Best of All Time Radio will be immediately profitable. Any outside financial assistance will go immediately toward expanding our management team of professionals so that we can shorten timelines of project development and business expansion. Outside contributions up to even angel or venture capitol levels is welcomed as we press forward to our goals.