David's Temple

A Christian Coffeehouse / Restaurant that will act as a collaborative community presence to be enjoyed by both the Christian and Non-Christian community.
The main aim is to create a restaurant / coffeehouse environment that Christians can strengthen their walks and minister to others in a safe and open atmosphere.
This vision is currently 50% fulfilled. Once fulfilled, separate coporations will be initiated in every country David's Temple exists within.

Marketplace and Vision:
Every Sunday Hundreds of Christians do what some call "Chicken Chapel". They leave church to immediately go to Swiss Chalet, Golden Griddle or other competitive restaurants. There is nothing wrong with this pattern, but this dynamic does expose an opportunity that can be benefited from. Also, locations like Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Coffee Time and other chains are regularly utilized by Christians for personal meetings, prayer, and the support of one another. Putting both demographics together into one successful location opens up an opportunity for a new breed of ministry to be born.
A self-sustainable (and profitable) entity where Christians can gather, encourage, share and minister with one another through their personal experiences without being limited by a standard corporate commercial atmosphere.

It is the aim for David's Temple to produce a safe family environment with an open stage where anyone can share their poetry, song, skits, or entertainment; as well as dine and entertain to the hearts desire. This dynamic has already proven to be a success in different locations across North America, however none have organized themselves strongly enough to become a highly profitable chain. David’s temple also aims to solve this problem.

The key is to create a restaurant or venue that not only carries with it the strength of a profitable “chain” but also is able to mould to each unique community so that they develop a sense of “ownership” over their local franchise. David’s temple has been planned around this successful model.

The Atmosphere:
It is the vision of David's Temple is to provide permanent and safe family environment that acts as the embodiment of the Christian community of that area. "Open Mic Nights" or "Open Stages" will be made available for Christians to express their works, walks, joys and ministries with one another. The décor will reflect that of the needs and desires of the local community. Personal prayer within the facility will not be restricted, and food and refreshments of all types will be served: From fun and entertaining drinks like: "David's Slinger - a shot of pure garlic or ginger" to enjoyable meals like rotisserie chicken and others will be enjoyed by all guests. Each menu and list of services will be discussed and decided upon by members within the local community and the atmosphere of the venue will also be decided upon by the steering committee that is formed to host the permanent venue. Conference rooms, party rooms, games rooms, daycare, whatever needs to be facilitated for a certain geographic demographic will be decided upon and delivered by each David's Temple as it fulfills the specific needs and desire of each community that hosts it.
The general corporate feel of David’s temple will be open and fun. An environment where Christians can share their journey openly with one another, pray for one another and support and educate each other without judgement or corporate limitation. Personal music, poetry and other local art forms can and will be shared and displayed through the DT's stage, and David’s Temple will also act as a safe ground to that a non-Christian audience can enjoy. DT’s will act as a complimentary environment for ministering to the unsaved.
As mouldable as David’s Temple is planned to be for each environment, the franchise will also operate in ways that is close to a “restaurant chain” so that the success of one location can easily be passed on to the next. This strategy will also serve to expedite national expansion of the chain within a short timetable.

Start-up plan:
The first stage in creating a successful David's Temple experience (aside from assembling a strong management team), is to catch the pulse of the community. Do an in-depth needs analysis and analyze the trends of the community. Poll what each church family in a given geographical area would like to see in their community, as a community space where they can eat, and share their walks and experiences with others. From traditional to evangelical congregations, all information will be totalled and a strategic building and development plan would be built. in this research stage, DT development staff will also catch the pulse of the specific young adult and youth desires for their area as this demographic is proven to be the largest component of the DT target audience.
Once a clear picture has been defined, the first stages of planning and construction can be made. The development plan will be shown to each member in the community so that there will be a sense of community ownership over the project. This will ensure that building and development plans go along the line of creating an atmosphere and service that people would enjoy. Live acts can be scheduled at certain stages, and an open stage can also exist. Dance nights, banquet facilities or whatever the community feels is important can be provided through the David's Temple Mission.
once confirmed by the community, the next stage of construction can begin and the facility location, size, purpose and layout decision will be implemented.
the remainder will follow the standard launch of any entertainment facility or service industry. A launch day and open house will be determined, and because the community has taken a sense of ownership through the entire project, there will be guaranteed participation and immediate revenue from the outset. It is then planned to grow from there.

Duplication model:
After the success of implementation of the first David's Temple, It is the plan to duplicate the success of David's temple into each city in the world. Each location would carry the financial stability of a corporate chain, but also would be an accurate reflection of each community that hosts David's Temple. In other words, each location will take on its own personality and presence according to the community that it is in. A person can then travel across North America visiting all of the "safe environments" located across the nation and minister or be ministered to by each location.

Why the name David's Temple:
As you know, King David did not have a temple of stone and mortar and King David was more known for himself being a man after God's own heart. David's temple in our opinion was actually a temple of the spirit and a relationship with God. This title is then well suited for the mission of David's Temple ministry. Pulse using this name allows the "hip" adoption of the term: "Are we going to DT's today?".

What is Needed:
At present a strong steering committee is needed to begin the first stages of David's Temple. A promotional director is required that can catch the vision of DT's and begin to share that within the local church community; speaking before pastoral staff and eventually, congregations about the direction and collaborative vision and mission of the ministry.
Through this person, other volunteers will be recruited to represent DT's in each congregational community, to act as a fielding board for input, education and communication for each congregation. This group will then become the "steering committee" for David's Temple.
This steering committee will also be responsible for procuring the angel or venture capitol needed to produce the David's Temple ministry and each step of development will be successfully documented for future development of the "chain". The start-up costs of David’s Temple is planed to be supported by independent investors as well as by the community as a whole, that way each community can feel ownership of David's Temple without feeling as though they need to carry the entire financial burden of the ministry and location. If a series capitalists can "match" each dollar raised for example, then David's Temple will be well on its way to be well funded, and a profitable entity in Christ's Kingdom.