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My Anthem

If the hook does not get you, the message will!
This song has taken the hearts of many and acts and a personal anthem to help you through the challenges of our times.

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Holy Is Your Name

Holy is Your Name is a song written in the early 2000’s by Damian Spaulding. Nearly 20 years later this single is now available for download through Itunes and just about every other platform. Join Damian’s Mailing list and stay up to date with future releases and get free member’s only tracks submitted to you as he develops his new works.

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Set Us Free

A number of years ago I wrote “Set Us Free” as an uplifting song designed to be integrated into a dramatic production. It subsequently won a number of awards at that time. This version of Set Us Free was produced “live off the floor” in my home studio and build in one-hour and "one take" per instrument. There are no edits and no studio-punches. In essence, the video successfully presents “how I do it” as a professional studio musician / producer / arranger etc in the most pure and raw way possible.

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A little-known secret is Damian Spaulding also moonlights as a professional photographer. Join the mailing list and get free stills from Damian Spaulding’s Personal collection.

The Bird That Captivated Me

Taken right here in Canada at Niagara Falls

Dart Frogs

Widlife Rocks (Large and Small)

Small Venue Beautiful Lights

Loved the lighting this event with a close musical friend Bam!


Can you believe this is a pigeon?

My Mic

My pooint of view as I prepare for a small / intimate gig

Collingwood Waterfront

Someone's gotta feed the ducks in the winter

Poetry / Written Work

My professional development as a musician can be summarized in a small 3 line poem in wrote in my 20’s:
The piano’s my canvas
My fingers my brush
My soul paints the picture

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Together we can make it through!
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